Antonio Panda Gianfratti

panda tres fotosContemporary percussionist dedicated to free improvisation music for many years, reflecting both in Brazil and abroad. He is, in his 67 years, the dean of the Brazilian improvised music, as he was before in the free jazz. He founded the free improvisation collective Abaetetuba in 2004. He also left his mark on jazz “mainstream” and played rock, bossa nova, traditional music of Brazil. Always looking for something more, something new and different, even accompanied leading artists, attended a Billy Hart project and has shared the stage with a host of improvisers from across the world as Hans Koch, Phil Minton, Sabu Toyozumi, John Russell, John Edwards and many others. His work consists in the timbre development through the use of bows in cymbals over drums, prepared vibraphone, cello and also his own designed musical instruments. Interacts with cinema, theater, poetry, visual arts and multimedia. Has developed a parallel work as a teacher of improvisation in several projects across Brazil in Universities, Schools, Music Institutes, Cultural Centers.

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