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The ABAETETUBA collective, a gathering of good peoplein Tupi-Guarani, was founded in 2004 in São Paulo, Brazil, by musicians interested in Free Improvisation. It has participated in festivals in England, Spain, Netherlands, Australia, Chile and Brazil and has collaborated with musicians from around the world as John Edwards, Sabu Toyozumi, Phil Minton, Han Bennink, Saadet Türköz, John Russell, Raymond MacDonald, Terry Day,  Roger Turner, Urs Leimgruber, Steve Noble, Ricardo Tejero, Hans Koch and many others. The group has five albums recorded and will release its sixth album in 2016. The members are also founders of FIIL (International Festival of Free Improvisation Abaetetuba), which had its second edition held in 2011 at the Cultural Centre of São Paulo.


Since 2000 the drummer Antonio Panda Gianfratti and the saxophonist Yedo Gibson played together Free Jazz when in 2004 Yedo introduced to Panda the  young musicians Renato Ferreira and Rodrigo Montoya to form a group dedicated to Free Improvisation, thus was born the Abaetetuba collective. Luiz Gubeissi entered the group a little later, Thomas Rohrer joined the collective in 2005 and Marcio Mattos in 2006. In 2005 and 2007 respectively the musicians Yedo Gibson and Renato Ferreira moved to Europe.

Their current musicians are:

Antonio Panda Gianfratti: contemporary percussion.
Rodrigo Montoya: shamisen, biwa and acoustic guitar.
Thomas Rohrer: rabeca and saxophones.
Luiz Gabriel Gubeissi: double bass.
Marcio Mattos: violoncello and double bass.

MUSICAL LIFE (main events):

In 2006, it performed alongside the english free improvising vocalist Phil Minton, in his first visit to Brazil.

With the participation of Brazilian cellist and bass player Marcio Mattos, resident in London since 1970, they recorded the CD ‘ABAETETUBA & MARCIO MATTOS’ in their first meeting with Mattos in 2006. Since then Mattos became a member of the collective.

The first international tour took place in January 2009, when the group was invited to attend the 13th International Festival of Free Improvisation Hurta Cordel in Madrid, Spain. Then they performed at Bimhuis, in Amsterdam and also played some gigs in London, as the Mopomoso, at the Vortex Jazz Bar, and Café Oto.

In 2010 it founded the FIIL  International Festival of Free Improvisation Abaetetuba, that was held at the Cultural Centre of São Paulo with the presence of international musicians.

In 2011 it held the second edition of FIIL also in Cultural Centre of São Paulo with the presence of international musicians.

In August 2012, the group participated in the 6th Brazilian Silent Film Festival, at Cinematheque of São Paulo, making music for the German film “Warning Shadows” and the Soviet “The Death Ray”.

In November 2012 participated at the 30th Bienal of São Paulo in the “OIDARADIO sessions” part of the Mobile Radio BSP project.

During 2013, they toured in many countryside cities of Sao Paulo through a program of music of SESI (Social Service of the Industry).

In February 2013, the musicians were in Canberra, Australia, participating in the fourth edition of SoundOut – International Festival of Free Improvisation.

In January 2014 they took part in the 3rd edition of the project “Cinema at the Square” sponsored by the SESC Paraná (Brazil), making music for the German Expressionist film “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari”.

In November 2014 they played in Chile, in the second edition of Acefalo Festival of Free Improvisation and Experimental Music, held in the cities of Valparaíso, Viña del Mar and Limache.

In September 2015 they made the opening of the “Film Editing Festival” held in Caixa Belas Artes, making music for the classic Brazilian film “Limit” (1931) by Mario Peixoto.