Luiz Gubeissi

Luiz GubeissiHe began his musical studies on the piano and at age 15 started studying bass. Self-taught on the instrument had harmony lessons of Jazz and Bossa Nova with the pianist Samuel Khuri Jr.

Participated in rock groups, Jazz, Bossa Nova, Classical Music, among other styles. Dedicated to free improvisation music since 2004, being member of Abaetetuba from its inception at the same year. He participated in the group’s first album and the fourth with the Brazilian cellist and bassist based in London, Marcio Mattos. He has played with many improvisers across the world as Marcio Mattos, Sabu Toyozumi, Roger Turner, Urs Leimgruber among many others.

Currently he lives in Australia, since 2014, where he collaborates with the Australian improv scene.