Marcio Mattos

Marcio Mattos tres fotosBorn Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Studied acoustic guitar in early teens and was active in the brazilian “BOSSA NOVA” movement both as musician and composer. Played in various semi-pro bands late 60’s Rio, switching to double bass and cello, mainly self-taught, after becoming interested in Jazz. Later entered the Villa-Lobos institute where he became involved in free improvisation and electronic music, mainly through the influence of visiting american composers Lukas Foss and Vladimir Ussachevsky. Due to the unfavorable political climate and military dictatorship in Brazil at the time, he left the country to come to Europe in the early 70’s. After arriving in London, started playing at the Little Theatre Club in several of John Stevens’ groups. Joined also Mal Dean’s Amazing Band. Since then has performed, recorded and broadcast both in Britain and abroad in various groups with leading improvisers including Evan Parker, John Surman, Derek Bailey’s Company, Dewey Redman, Roscoe Mitchell, Marylin Crispell and Joe Gallivan, amongst many others. Has also worked with dance companies such as Ballet Rambert and The Extemporary Dance Theatre Company, and in electro-acoustic music groups such as the West Square Electronic Music Ensemble. A member of the Eddie Prevost Quartet and a long-time contributor to many of Elton Dean’s groups such as EDQ and Ninesence. Other British projects have include the “Bardo State Orchestra”, Chris Burn’s Ensemble, “Wooden Taps” with Maggie Nicols, “Embers” with John Butcher and others. A long-standing member of the London Improvisers Orchestra.

Has toured extesively in the European Union and in North America, Brazil, Australia and Japan, both performing and giving improvisation worshops. Has played in most of the main jazz and improvised music festivals including: Jazz a Mulhouse; Moers; Musique Action Vandoevre-Les-Nancy; Lucerne Music Festival, Switzerland;Banlieus Bleues, Paris; Ulrichsberger Kaleidophon; Konfrontationen; Poschiavo, Bell Atlantic Jazz Fest. NY; What is Music? Festival Sydney & Melbourne; Fonoteca Files Lisbon; Jazz Festival Vancouver; Victoriaville; Free Music Antwerpe; Contraindicazione Roma; Balve Hohle and many others.

International projects working in Europe have included “The Transatlantic Ensemble” with Roscoe Mitchell, Evan Parker and others, Georg Graewe’s Grubenklang Orchestra, Stefano Maltese’s “Open Music Ensemble”, Tony Oxley’s Celebration Orchestra, A bass/cello and shakuhachi duo with Shiku Yano, and in Japan various groupings with Sabu Toyozumi.

Current projects include “Lines” with Phil Wachsmann/Jim Denley Axel Dorner and Martin Blume, “Full Monte” with Chris Biscoe, Brian Godding and Tony Marsh , “AXON” with Phil Minton, Fred Van Hove and Martin Blume, “ZFP”- with Carlos Zingaro, Simon H Fell and Mark Sanders, and the “Stellari String Quartet” with Phil Wachsmann, Charlotte Hug and John Edwards.

Also trained as a Ceramic artist at Goldsmiths college and continues to make and exhibit work in clay.
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