Rodrigo Montoya

rodrigo tres fotosBorn in São Paulo and since 2003 is dedicated to free improvisation music being part of the Abaetetuba collective from its inception in 2004. His first instrument was the guitar but in 2006 specializes in the shamisen, a three stringed instrument from the Japanese folk culture. He began to study it in Minyo Association of Japanese Culture in the neighborhood of Liberdade in São Paulo and in 2013 adds another Japanese instrument, the Biwa. In his music develops an original language in their instruments always looking for different ways to approach them. In 2008 leaves Brazil to live in London until 2011 where he actively participates in the European free improvisation scene. Held several projects in England, Spain and the Netherlands with the London Improvisers Orchestra and musicians from across the world. In 2011 he returned to Brazil and continues his project with the Abaetetuba collective. Also extends his work in South America collaborating in the Chilean improv scene. He played with many musicians and artists across the world as Marcio Mattos, Steve Beresford, John Edwards, Alex Ward, Steve Noble, Moshi Honen, Lê Quan Ninh, Roger Turner, Javier Carmona, Ricardo Tejero, Paloma Carrasco, Guillaume Viltard, Raymond Macdonald, Sabu Toyozumi, Caroline Kraabel, Luo Chao-yun, Terry Day, Damo Suzuki, Toto Alvarez, Eddie Prévost workshops, improvisation Foco_Orquestra Madrid, London Improvisers Orchestra and many others. Collaborates on projects with cinema, theater, poetry, dance and performance.