Thomas Rohrer

Thomas RohrerSwiss living in Brazil since 1995, began his musical studies as a violinist and studied saxophone in the jazz school of Lucerne. His work with the fiddle and sax has a primary focus on free improvisation, but can also be found in dialogue with traditional Brazilian music. Integrates the Brazilian collective of improvisation Abaetetuba and participates in  projects with the cornetist Rob Mazurek, plays in duo with the singer Saadet Türköz from Kazakhstan and participates in a trio with the bass clarinetist Hans Koch and the percussionist Panda Gianfratti. He worked with musicians such as Celio Barros, Zé Gomes, Nelson da Rabeca, Marcio Mattos, Mauricio Takara, John Russell, Alexandra Montano and Yusef Lateef. He toured several times in Brazil, the United States and Europe. When residing in London he joined the London Improvisers Orchestra, besides performing with several local improvisers. Also performs musical interaction works with cinema, theater, dance, performance and installation.